Store up His Word  is designed to help people remember and understand the Bible more effectively and efficiently.

How many times have we closed our Bibles, 2 hours later we don’t even remember what we read? We may remember a phrase or two, but a majority of it escapes our recollection.

We spend time and money on books, curriculums, attend seminars, Bible college and seminaries to try to bridge the gap… but we still feel insecure, guilty and inadequate because we cannot remember the Bible.

Let me share 2 methods  which will transform  all of those bridges to be the supplements they were intended to be. It will take some work on your end, but at the end you will have a much stronger study method and memory for the Bible.

Two methods one theory

Both methods capitalize study methods which revolve around active recall. You will reproduce the content, and remember more as a result. This is opposed to passive recall, where you just read the same material 20 times.

Active recall takes more effort, but it also produces more fruit.


Interrogative Bible Study Technique (Free)

Using the weight of questions to increase recall and understanding. This is a free resource.

This method alone will improve your Bible Studies.


Memory Palaces

If you find the Interrogative Bible Study Technique useful, and want an even more powerful tool. A tool used by men like Augustine and Aquinas. Then memory palaces may a valuable technique for you.

If you would like to setup a free coaching call (1-2 hrs) shoot me an email:

Include your name, number, and time zone. On our first call, we will discuss why you are interested in this, and we will build your first memory palace. After that, we will determine if we would like to continue our coaching relationship.

Or call: 308-430-8379 (leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up)


“But this learning process will make me do work I am not used to!”

As a senior in high school I discovered I could read at 50 words per minute, with 50% comprehension. Average is about 160-200 wpm. From a reading perspective, I was incompetent. I had a choice to make:

  1. Do nothing and make due with my current circumstance, or
  2. Learn to read, trusting that this skill would multiply my abilities and opportunities

Long story short. I started a speed reading program. I worked at it everyday for 2 months. After 2 months I could read at about 500 words per minute at 80% comprehension. Reading is now one of my favorite activities.

I thought reading was a waste of time…until I learned how to do it efficiently and effectively.


The method used in Store up His Word will probably be new to you.

Learn it and you will find it is both more efficient and more effective.

Start Here!

My name is Scott Montgomery. I am a husband, father, and minister.


Free resource
Interrogative Bible Study Method

Improve your Bible studies today by asking and answering stronger questions.

Get your notebook and pen!