The New Testament emphasizes both knowing and doing.

Long ago, men like Augustine and Thomas Aquinas used memory palaces to remember Scripture and other writings.


With the invention of the printing press, these techniques fell into obscurity.

With the presence of the internet and other technologies, many doubt the need of remembering specific texts let alone entire chapters and books.

Some see no reason to try to improve study or memory techniques.



I asked myself…

Why did my youth minister and professors encourage me to read the Bible? Why do church leaders encourage their church members to study their Bibles?

This program is devoted to help Christians mature by knowing the Bible better, so we can make a greater impact for God’s Glory.


In the wheel of discipleship, this technique will effectively and efficiently strengthen the spoke of study in 3-4 hours per week.

Then we will have the time to live out the truths given in the Scriptures.


Should I remember my Bible?

Its too hard!

I don’t have time

I don’t have what it takes

I don’t have a problem…but I can’t teach what I just get.


In 3-4 hours a week, Store up His Word can help by giving you the tools to:

1) Remember the Bible text more efficiently and effectively,

2) Understand how the Bible fits together,

3) Have the confidence to accurately live out the Bible’s teachings.

4) Equip you with a teachable skill you can pass on to others.


1) Begin Now


2) Commit

3-4 hours per week

3) Follow the Plan

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